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Characters Name: Junko Enoshima
Age: No canon age given! However, if anything Junko would be about 17, but considering that with her taking away the students memories, with the two years that passed with the students being locked up within Hope's Peak Academy and between that time, she could actually be aged between 18 or 19. currently in-game she's 18.
Canon: Dangan Ronpa doesn't have an official wiki, so here are some links for the Let's Play, TV Tropes, Japanese Wiki aaand DR0 Summaries.

Canon Point: Dangan Ronpa, Chapter 6
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Orientation: Heterosexual! I'd say that Junko seems to be more interested in males, even though it doesn't honestly and matter to her whoever the person is. Junko can be seen as a flirtatious character which seems to fit into both of her Super High-School Level titles and her personality! In Dangan Ronpa Zero it is shown that she harbours feelings for a good looking young man named, Yasuke Matsuda. She's shown to be obsessively and deeply in love with him to the point where she kills him to feed her own despair. With that, it is also heavily hinted in canon that she might also think something of Makoto Naegi, so she's interested in guys!


Being one of the many students selected to join Hope's Peak Academy, Junko Enoshima when first introduced isn't who she seems. She manages to develop friendship alongside the other students, forming a bond with Naegi during her free times events, and mentioning once to him that she was once homeless before she found herself in attendance at the academy. Naegi seems to notice on first appearances that something is different concerning this "Junko", and that she didn't look like, or even have the same facial structure as the Junko he'd seen in the Hope's Peak Forums before attending.

Soon after their arrival, the students begin to converse with one another, and still in the mindset that they were invited to attend such a prestigious school, but soon their hopes and dreams ( quite literally ) are shattered. An announcement rings throughout the school, announcing for the students to finally gather within the auditorium. It is when Monobear appears for the first time, much to the students distressing and Despairing over his appearance and then they learn about the Graduation rule. The Graduation rule is as follows, murder another and you'll be allowed to leave the school.

Sayaka Maizono was the first victim, and after her body was found; Monobear's announcement of finding a dead body sounded throughout the school, and all students gathered inside the auditorium where he appears again mentioning that they must find the culprit. Although, the true Graduation rule is a School Trial shall commence, with given evidence and if the murderer isn't found, then they will graduate; only if they aren't found, which the remaining students will be executed. However, at that moment, Monobear makes lack of Sayaka's murder which causes Junko in a fit of rage to attack the bear, breaking one of the school rules of showing violence towards the headmaster; and thus is murdered early on in the game for showing her rage, and breaking a very important school rule.

However— all does not stay as it seems!

Truthfully, Junko and her older twin sister Mukuro Ikusaba, traded places so the real Junko could become the Mastermind, and continue on in her fit despair; thus making Mukuro turn into Junko, and taking her spot in the Despair game while Junko watched everything, every little thing as it happened; on the monitors, and inside her control room. Despite being introduced as Super High-School Level Fashion Girl (in the original Japanese it is simply Gal, ギャル系) it is eventually learned of that her true title is Super High-School Level Despair and her sister is Super High-School Level Solider; but in fact since the moment the twins were born, Junko considered them both to be in Despair.. thus making Mukuro another SHSL Despair, and which Junko refers to herself and Mukuro as the "Despair Sisters".

Eventually as she is found out, the lasting students come to know the truth behind her goals, and that all this time she had been broadcasting the school life of mutual killings on TV, over the whole of Japan to show how Despair-worthy it was that the students killed one another for the whole sake of hoping to live, plus she and her followers had done some very messed up things to the outside world. When asked by the lasting students how she could kill her own sister, Junko doesn't flinch or waver as she starts to explain [through her many different despair-filled personalities!], that she had started to become bored with Mukuro, and that killing her would be what the audience would have wanted, which Junko had to live up and entertain the crowd watching back home.

It is then we learn of how mentally unstable, and how despair-obsessed Junko Enoshima truly is.

At the end of Dangan Ronpa, the students that managed to survive fought back against her. and in the end Junko went willingly to her own suicide, [as promised!] participating in the past executions, not before claiming in a very excited voice about her own execution; finally able to die; being so very Despair-filled. After her death the remaining survivors managed to leave the school successfully, finally graduating and thus the despair-filled world manages to come and end.

...Or so they think!

Eventually I'll be adding Dangan Ronpa/Zero history here! When I stop being lazy that is.

Appearance: Here, Here, Here, and lastly Here


Junko Enoshima is the true definition of the word despair, she lives in it, loves it and wants to spread her ideals to the whole world. At the start of this, two years before the two Despair Sisters worked together to make Super High-School Level Despair. However it became known as an organisation shortly after, but it was with thanks to Junko, and her own true SHSL title of Despair that gathered her followers, turning her Despair group into an organisation. Her personality at this time can be dictated as charming, and charismatic which caused students within Hope's Peak Academy to follow her every move, thus formally becoming her follower which means it was awfully easy for Junko to manipulate her fellow students into following her ideals.

oh, it’s going to be so magnificent, this despair!

If one thing that should be notable within Junko, it would be that she doesn't care who she brings in Despair, be it your parents, you, your sister, cousin or anyone else who crosses her path will be brought into her Despair, and for good reason! Junko and her group of SHSL Despair are not to be crossed as her followers over and across Japan, will most certainly take you down; if not Junko herself. Her ideal is to bring despair to the entire world, no matter what the cost; even if it costs thousands of lives. Her manipulative and proficiency talents are above par.

It was Junko who started the School Life of Mutual Killings, but she had also two main people who helped set up the students fates, and her plan behind the School Killings. It started with her sister, Mukuro Ikusaba and she was someone who would stick by her twin sisters' side no matter what, even if in the end she was betrayed due to her sister no longer having a use for her and Junko wanting to bring everyone she loves into despair. The next was Yasuke Matsuda, who we learn about in Dangan Ronpa/Zero, and he is someone who Junko is very fond of, even having deep feelings; such as love, for the neurologist. However it was Matsuda who had helped Junko the most, taking away her memories once Junko approached him for help as she had caused the Worst, Most Despair-inducing Incident in all of Hope's Peak's History! If something should be known, it is Izuru Kamukura is to be blamed for causing this, and what is this you ask? But the death of the whole student council, at Junko Enoshima's hands! Because of the amnesia, she does not remember this and who she is either and goes under the guise of Ryouko Otonashi with the help of Mukuro and Matsuda both.

Notably, Matsuda and Mukuro are Junko's entourage, so to speak, as they both shield Junko, saving her from the school officials and allowing her to not atone for murdering the entire school council, while Mukuro goes under the guise of Junko Enoshima; they are twins after all, and who would be able to tell the difference between the two? While the true Junko has her memories wiped, with the help of Matsuda, she falls to amnesia and can't remember anything except what is mentioned in her memory notebooks. Certainly someone who had known Junko since childhood would want to help her, which is exactly what Matsuda's reasoning is for helping her, keeping her safe from everyone in Hope's Peak Academy and making sure that none come into contact with her. Although he fails in this task, Junko as Ryouko mentions that someone by the name of "Junko Enoshima" has crossed her path, much to Matsuda's dismay.

It is her love for Matsuda which is Junko's biggest downfall, not realising who she in fact was during the course of DR0, the Junko who is actually a dolled-up Mukuro; brings the true Junko's Despair in full force, knowing that not even she can be saved from her own Despair and within her Despair and goal in wanting to save Matsuda, her beloved from harm realises that "Junko's" Despair is too much for her, killing Matsuda in a flash with a knife. After this her real memory returns, her memories of when she was actually Junko Enoshima and knowing the things she had done and causing the death of the only person she has ever loved. Does she regret her actions? It's tough to say, she does become upset at his death before her memory returns, crying hysterically with his body in her grasp, and after her memory returns she is seen kicking, and screaming at Matsuda's body proclaiming herself being in despair at murdering her love, someone precious to her and within knowing how precious he was to her and knowing these feelings and considering her reaction to his death, she can feel as any other human would. Although, she hardly views herself as one.

You might ask, even state that Junko Enoshima has no other feelings but Despair! In fact this is true, her akin side to Despair is what drives her the most, although stating that she can't feel as any normal person would, that would be wrong. As Dangan Ronpa/Zero speaks for itself, all the memories and feelings that "Ryouko Otonashi" had, even the memories in her Memory Notebook, are all Junko Enoshima's, which proves facts that Junko can feel love, hurt, anger and any other feeling as a human would. Although she hides her feelings, Junko is someone to not be messed with.

Junko is considerate, in wanting every single person in the world, to alone, feel and want her Despair! Her group of Super High-School Level Despair does help move along her plans, and Junko has the necessary tools to continue this, to make the world burn and fall to her Despair. Isn't she simply the sweetest? In SDR2, Junko is known as the ancestor of despair, and one student in particular seems to become very annoyed that one single student, that of a high school girl can create such an organisation by herself, but Monobear mentions that people with twisted ideals can tend to be charismatic and that Junko was in fact all of these things and she also attracted many people with power to listen to her cause, even bothering to pull in others who tried to stop her. Junko's true definition is despair, she IS despair, and she used everyone among her talents to bring them into SHSL despair, and controlling them only for her own amusement. And yet, she views the members of SHSL Despair as nothing but "small fry", even though they have helped her shape and ruin the world, crashing it down right into despair. Her main members are the kids from Super Dangan Ronpa 2--

She is almost someone who is jealous to the core, jealous of your Despair, of her own Despair— even the mere mention of her own Despair is enough to turn her on. Junko has no feelings, not of regret, sadness, or any other feeling but Despair for what she has done, rather she hides it all under a mask; feeding her own Despair. Thus she makes lack of her sisters death, stating that Mukuro's title of Super High-School Level Soldier, was a title that was a prime example of her three D's principle. She has the most rocky relationship with her sister, as twisted as they both are, Junko as the younger doesn't care for her sister, or her feelings and when stated that she "mourned for her sister", it is most likely while it could have been half-true, part of it would not be. Truthfully it could be seen as adoration towards her sister-- yet she treats her as trash, killing her to feed her own Despair; the same as it was for Matsuda. Mature is a word that is thrown around lightly of her character, she is mature than most— being the leader of Super High-School Level Despair, she certainly has her way with words, manipulating those who cross her path, and scrutinises every plan that comes toward her. If she doesn't like something, or doesn't like the way you are doing something, it will be changed in a way that suits her needs and not for any other reason, or any one else.

The teen views herself as a Despair-inducing Superwoman of sorts, someone who is completely off the rails and track; not giving a damn who she runs over while being in her fit of Despair! Junko may very well hold a deep, dark grudge against Mukuro for leaving her alone, and running off to Fenrir— which is also the reason why she would have betrayed her, with wishing and wanting to surpass her Despairingly stinky sister, and by this time she already had. It isn't as though she deeply despises Mukuro or even anger, but the fact her sister can jump to every single of Junko's whims and not say a single word, or complaint. It is hard to say how Junko truly feels about her twin, she's rude to the core towards Mukuro and assembles new nicknames to call her by, therefore a reason why she murdered her twin was that Junko cared too much about her.

Again with Junko feeing her own Despair.

While we don't exactly know the true reasoning for Junko murdering and betraying her own sister, it can only be speculated in her own words. Which is, as follows; Mukuro's portrayal of Junko was poor and she was like a nameless b student, that no one cared about and how she wanted Mukuro to feel true Despair. Another reason might be the behind the events of DR/Zero, knowing her sister caused one many events that changed Junko's life. By the School Life of Mutual Killings, the one we see in the first game; it is Junko's second chance at the task, already proven she can be one manipulative and calculating woman. We know Junko is not someone to be trusted, can turn on you in an instant and backstab you, even if you thought the two of you were friends.

She has no other reason to live, but to live for Despair.

It is, for the most part, unknown what Junko's real personality is like, we still do not know if Mukuro's acting in Dangan Ronpa and Dangan Ronpa/Zero are mirroring the real Junko's personality, and considering Junko always being in such a Despair-filled life became so twisted and warped to form different personalities that fit in within her mood. Therefore, Junko suffers from having, at least, seven eight, if you count her new one from sdr2, and her tsundere side would be nine. different personalities, personas, faces; all in which are sparked by her bored Despair-filled life, or rather when she goes into a fit of Despair do these change - however every single one of them has to do with the very same thing, which is despair—

    This face is of a typical Japanese burikko, which is basically a woman acting as a child would with cutesy manners of speech, big watery puppy dog eyes, her hair smoothing out as sleek as it possibly could and alongside with this her voice turns into that of a child; becoming a few octaves higher, as a child acting as innocent as one could be. How could you possibly say that she is an awful person, with even light blushing on her cheeks, you will most certainly fall in her burikko trap.

    In this persona Junko dons a pair of glasses on the bridge of her nose, with one clipboard in hand, alongside a pen; her dialogue is very fast, but clear on her ideals and passion for whichever it is that she happens to talk about. This one face which showcases her very wide range speech, her mannerisms state her cockiness and confidence with hints of the hard truth, alongside her truthful and correct observations. Acting as a true Meganekko!

    Junko's persona in her cool, calm and collected type is just as it says. She explains things calm and collectively unchanging her tone of the matter, also with a very wide range of speech. With her hand placed over the front of her face, she is very cocky in this face and states her ideals and words in a very cocky, calm voice as though you are all wrong. In Japanese it is known as, kiza.

    The personality of a true Queen, she refers to people as her disciples and talks in a very Queen-like manner with very polite and arrogant speech. She then asks others if they will follow her, claiming she'll give them this, and that to make them agree into following her to the end. She also will call people humans from time to time, being very condescending in her tone and views. Junko believes she is above everyone else while being in this face, also becoming very arrogant and formal.

    You wouldn’t want to mess with her, most especially, while she is in this face! She’s very blunt, straight to the point as she acts as though you are the stupidest person in the world, which you are! She doesn't have any kind of inside voice in this face, as she screams roughly at whoever is listening and telling them to rack their brains, yelling even louder once she claims to hate repeating things. Her dialect is loud, rough and she tells it how it is, speaking in a very violent manner with quite the colourful vocabulary, known as kyouaku- brutal, atrocious.

    The true face of Despair, while acting as gloomy, depressed as she possibly could and speaking slowly in a very depressed tone, her hair becomes limp, tears appear in her eyes and she merely twirls the strands of hair within her fingers as apparent mushrooms appear on the top of her head, as gloomy as one in Despair can be! Junko has stated in this personality, how jealous she is not being able to feel true Despair. At first look it might seem as though she is crying, however with tears in her eyes it is more so depression, with hints of blue underneath her eyelids, she is truly the face of Despair in this personality.

    The most well-known of Junko’s personalities as it is in fact the one that controls and speaks for Monobear himself! She can mimic him perfectly, however considering she isn't in her control room, his voice comes out much girlier, while she speaks in this face, Junko picks up one plush Monobear, almost life-size, over her face, and speaks in the exact manner as the Monobear you see in canon does! Well except her voice is less animated, and not as 'manly'. She refers to the group of students, or people in general as bastard or bastards, sometimes even using their name with a simple honorific. At times Monobear changes his personality, which only makes perfect sense considering that Junko herself can never stay in a face, or personality for a long period of time since she becomes Despairingly bored at even the thought.

Commonly she cycles through these personalities whenever she is in a fit of Despair, or Despairingly bored, however! That doesn't mean that Junko Enoshima doesn't have any sort of normal personality, even if she hardly shows it! The reasoning for hiding her true personality would be as she states in the Sixth Trial, “This is the first time in a while I’m standing in front of other people. I almost forgot my own personality.”, as it had been weeks since she had locked everyone inside the walls of Hope's Peak Academy, and she could only entertain herself in the face of Monobear. She states that hiding in her Monobear mask bored her, which lead to him switching personalities-- which Naegi and a few others notice during the course of the School Life.

However her "true" personality is that of a cocky, confident school girl who radiates charisma and charm who states things how they are, not giving a damn if you disagree or not. Junko is a talker, becoming angry when you don't answer her right away!! Junko's resolve is violence, not afraid to get her hands dirty, even to clean up her messes or start them. She's manipulative, cold and very blood-thirsty with no limits what-so-ever! It might seem that Junko suffers from a God complex, and in fact that is the whole truth! She states that because being in Despair, and since she was born that she can do whatever she likes, with no consequences while pitting the students up against one another with using Monobear as a leverage to do exactly this.

She is also stated on having a good sense of humour, and charm which is how she started on her Despairification of Mankind, and the whole organisation of Super High-School Level Despair to follow after her and her sister help bring despair to the world. Junko is someone who will not take no for an answer, will not stop with her views and will gladly stop you in her tracks, especially if you get in her way— as someone who has understood Hope, has been in Hope herself, it simply makes her sick and wishes to be rid of all the Hope in the world so they can feel Despair. When she's upset, she's upset and can throw a tantrum and scream her way into receiving whatever it is that she wants, or she can murder it out of you; really Junko isn't someone who is afraid of doing such a thing or using you to a point where she will throw you away, when you are no longer needed.

Does Junko Enoshima feel bad for this? No, she does not.

She reverts to mere banter when trying to make one conversation move quicker, with her stubbornness shining through with her every word, however if you are nice to her and she appreciates this; you will receive it in return, until you irritate and annoy her then you best watch your back. Junko is someone who likes to talk, even if it has nothing to do with the conversation she is currently having, and it is difficult to get her to stay quiet alongside this. She is someone who has absolutely no limits when it comes to banter, mentioning things that would offend any normal person. Truthfully she keeps her Super High-School Level Despair title hidden, throughout her staying of Hope's Peak Academy, as the reasoning to them being inside the school was SHSL Despair. She is a planner, will plan your death behind your back and that much is a very good reason as to not trust Junko Enoshima.

Furthermore, the killings of the people she loves most is for good reason! As there's nothing more despair-worthy from watching the people you love most die, right? Which is what Junko views as right, with her mindset she believes there is nothing more despairing but watching people she holds close die, from her hands. Even the most precious person will be sucked from her, meaning that not even Junko can hold hope, which makes her despair. After all, you can't have Hope without Despair and vice versa!

Claiming that every single thing bores her, especially when not feeling one's Despair; she knows that once one has Hope and talent both, they can be lead into Despair and existing in her mind is how one's downward spiral to the beginnings and her own manipulations would begin. What would Junko be without Despair? She would only be someone who held Hope, as pathetic as even the thought is to her; she's aware that once, she too, had held such a disgusting thing.

By the time of Junko's death, nothing is left but a hollow person filled with despair— although, as her execution starts, she's able to finally feel the true despair. Which is the despair Junko Enoshima wants, craves and hounds her entire being on.

The last despair of her death.


We come to know that Junko is known as a Super High-School Level Fashion Girl, truthfully that is not her true title. Still she is quite the famous Fashion Gal within Japan, and has captured the hearts of many School Girls, even her face can be compared to the cuteness of 100 Chihuahuas!! While she was in fact a Gal, her sister posed as her in the School, which is only why when Naegi first met “Junko”, he happened noticed how different she looked to her pictures in the magazines, Mukuro only bothered to say that it was because of Photoshop, and Junko had tried her best to turn her Despairingly-stinky sister; into being her lackey. Junko's true title is Super High-School Level Despair and basically she brings or tries to bring despair through to the world by her manipulative, and blood-thirsty personality, praying on all the students that she comes across to make them murder one another.

Within her title she manages to do just that: bring Despair to the world just by her words, her manipulative ways, and because the students were foolish enough to listen to her, to help plan the cause for the greater good, plus the Despairification of Mankind! Seeing as Junko is the true mastermind behind Monobear/kuma she is also very intelligent, being able to manage traps, guns, set up electrical equipment and so on. She is the brains behind the Despair Sisters, in her plans, goals and everything else she had done! Everyone else was simply her pawn, including Mukuro - and Junko, in her clever mind, managed to start up the group of Super High-School Level Despair on her own!

Junko's body seems to be above the normal strength of others, as seeing when she was found out, that she killed her own sister, thus forcing herself to participate in the past executions she had provided for the dead students; that it took until the last of her executions for Junko to actually die, which was the 6th and named Detention where she's sitting back on a chair, with her trusty Monobear in one hand, and a crown on the top of her head, manoeuvring backwards where she is met with her death as a metal trap door falls down, and lands right on her head; which squished her flat like a pancake! Her execution is known as Super Duper Nasty Torture, which marks the name from Junko participating in the past executions she had set up for the students, even using A Dozen Master and The Space Journey!

Alongside this Junko is efficient in analytical proficiency, as among her talents she is able to predict a persons actions and future actions when enough information is gathered about them, she can corner someone with knowing what they will do next, which is evidence enough as to why she knew how to corner the students, and how to push them into murdering one another with the right information, after studying their actions and motives for two years, in her perfectly manicured hands.

With this, technically she has two different Super High-School Level Titles, SHSL Gal, SHSL Despair, alongside her Analytical Proficiency. All in all, she's one very talented and calculated villain who feels no sense of remorse for her actions, claiming it to be for her own ideal of despair.